• "Argue for your limitations and surely enough, they are yours."
  • "Perceive with clarity, not with stories."


The title speaks for itself, but in this section you will either find my embedded YouTube Videos or Step-By-Step pictures. Everything you will see in this section has come from my brain. Whether or not other people have done the same, everything you will see has come from either a need or just out of curiousity. Enjoy!

Health & Well Being

In my personal experience NOTHING is more important than feeling good & clear as much as possible. We may have different personalities and so forth, but we all have 1 thing in common. We all have brains (in the literal) sense. Here I will highlight different aspects of what has helped me focus, destroy anxiety, and just helps me feel good at least 90% of the time. Also there is bonus material. :)

Side Projects

Another area that speaks for itself. When I am not working for money, I am working for fun on side projects. I may have 5-10 that are in the works, but I'll do my best to keep them organized. Whether it be electronics, construction, etc. it'll be in this section. A photography section has alson been added recently!

Last Site Update: 5/22/2017

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1. I make nothing from the YouTube Channel or this page.
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Finally I have found some time to put everything I love to do contained within 1 site. I have been running a YouTube Channel, a custom maze site, and have been wanting to put everything (including side projects and health tips) into a very simple layout that is easy to navigate. This site will focus on the following.

1. Everyday tasks that can be made easier.
2. Health tips that I have found personally to help me in a number of ways.
3. Tons of Downloadable Custom Mazes made by yours truly.
4. Personal side projects that I may know a lot, to a little, or nothing about.
5. Personal blogs here and there.

I am always open to suggestions on how to improve the content and quality of the site. If there is anything that comes to mind then please e-mail me @ Pauliojr3@gmail.com

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